Weld Clad Overlay

Save Engineering Group is one of the world’s most advanced solutions providers for protective weld cladding of pipeline components, and offers the largest weld overlay capacity in the industry today to meet the growing demands of our clients for corrosion resistant alloy clad pipes. The new Design & fabrication of SS Filters equipment has the latest in built technology, which significantly increases our production rates, ensuring lower base metal heat input through the welding process, hence achieving lower Fe% dilution and increased travel speeds. 

This process is proven to significantly enhance the service life of new components. It can also be used to refurbish and upgrade components that have already been in service.

Our automated protective clad surfacing systems apply high integrity corrosion resistant alloys, including Inconel 625 and 825, Alloy C276 and C22, 300 and 400 series Stainless Steels. 

This can be applied to a variety of substrates such as:

  • Carbon Manganese
  • Low Alloy
  • Martensitic
  • Ferric Stainless Steels 

Cladding material types and thicknesses can be selected to meet the specified environment and with our unique capabilities enables us to clad I.D sizes from 5.5” up to 42" N.B for 12mtr Lengths and I.D 4.0" up to 42" N.B for 6mtr lengths with wall thickness from 8.0mm and above.

Clad Pipes - Metallurgical Bonded:

Range: 6" OD and above
Capacity: 140 Metric ton of CRA deposition per month

Clad Pipes - Mechanical Bonded
Range: 4" OD to 24" OD
Capacity: 24Kms per month

Clad Fittings - Metallurgical Bonded: 
4" OD & above
20 Metric ton of CRA deposition per month

Clad Flanges - Metallurgical Bonded: 
2" OD & above
15 Metric ton of CRA deposition per month

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