special purpose machines

Save Engineering Fabrication Division has become a key factor in our service range as we continue to provide clients with a complete turnkey engineering solution and has been instrumental in developing our Subsea Proflow.

Our ability to fabricate a range of sizes from 1” to 36” enables us to manufacture in both smaller Flowloop supply for X-mas Tree's, Manifolds and larger Spool Fabrications up to 12 metres in length.

Complex spool assemblies can be delivered to unirvalled accuracies and tolerances thanks to our design expertise which uses 3D jigs to simulate actual installations.

Our Butt Welding equipment includes:

  • Orbital GTAW Arc Machines
  • Semi Automatic Butt Welding Equipment
  • Manual Welding Equipment
  • S.A.W. Lincoln Electric Machines

To find out more, check out our Subsea Proflow section now or contact us to discuss your fabrication requirements